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Documents from Venezuela

1. Certificate from Pro fSebastian Grande UCV Caracas.pdf

2. Permit fo rthe President of National Park to sign the doc.pdf

3.a. Documen tof Donation original.pdf

3.b. Document of Donation translation in German.pdf

4. Authorisation to lift the stone.pdf

5. Letter from The University Ciudad Bolivar.pdf

6. Analisis Comparison.pdf

7. Sample A Stone in Berlin.pdf

8. Sample B Jaspis.pdf

9. Lamot Permit Provincial Environment.pdf

10. Permit from Regionale Ministerio de Ambiente.pdf

11. Ministerio De La Defensa.pdf

12. Custom.pdf

13. Export License.pdf

14. Stamp from 7. Road Control.pdf

15. Letter of Support from German embassy Caracas.pdf

16. Letter of Support from Venezuelan Ambassador.pdf

Letters of Support

1. Pau lO'Sullivan.pdf

2. IZIKO Museum of CT.pdf

3. Michaelis School.pdf

4. Cape TownT ourism.pdf

5. German Ambassador.pdf

6. Desmond Tutu.pdf

7. FWde Klerk.pdf

8. Minister of Defence.pdf

9. Russian Embassy0119.pdf